Removal and Reinstallation of Tensioned Fabric Canopies

  • CLIENT: MBS Contracting
  • WORK COMPLETED: Removal and Reinstallation

As part of an extensive refurbishment programme of tensioned fabric canopies to a residential development in central London, it was necessary to remove a series of shade canopies to allow full access for the works to be carried out.

Hi-Maintenance was tasked with removing the canopies and associated steelwork. We also stored all of the items whilst the refurbishment was carried out.

Upon completion of the refurbishment works, we then carried out a full clean and re-installed all of the canopies.

The task was carried out at weekends and with restricted hours to minimise disruption to the residents. Despite the restrictions the work was carried out on time and within budget.

Removal and Reinstallation of Tensioned Fabric Canopies

Residential development in central London